Chapter One.

Infertility sucks. That’s what I really wanted to call this blog but I didn’t think it was very lady-like. The sentiment still stands, though.

My name is Erica and this is my first blog. I’m not a writer at all so bear with me on this journey, my journey through infertility making our happy ending come true: to bring home a happy, healthy baby. I’m actually a scientist, but we can get into that on another post, saved for a later date when I’m out of things to write about. My blog many not be very different from others on the same dreaded topic, but I stayed up to read until 3am last night because I feel better after reading that I’m not alone. You aren’t alone either. There are many, many other women that have gone through the same tough issues that you and I are facing, and only by talking about this will the stigma disappear and maybe the healing can begin.

This post is titled “Chapter One”, but for me Chapter One is about to come to a close. Chapter One is the chapter of our journey where we humped like rabbits for days straight, bed, couch, wall (my hip still hurts from that adventure), only to see a negative test every month. Chapter Two starts with the beginning of my next cycle and the start of my new treatment plan, which is scheduled to being on Christmas. Cheers! It will be a wine filled holiday for me!


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